Thursday, March 3, 2011


Call it haruan (Channa striatus), the majority of people in Malaysia would be visible on the nutritional value that is able to treat internal injuries. Secrets and fish nutrition has been known for a long time but all the people in this country is said to agree to eat the internal organs, especially to restore the women and wives after childbirth. However, for Ismail Abdullah, 38, and his son Shafie, 24, hunter haruan from Pekan, Pahang, it ignores scientific facts instead haruan every day determined to get to as side dishes on the table. He said the benefits are not denied haruan lot, not only to heal wounds and health care, it is said to reduce pain after surgery. This is as it contains an amino acid and fatty acids are uniquely capable of accelerating the growth of skin cells to heal wounds at once than most efficacious for the treatment of gastric where can provide it. "Regarding the second property. It is important, how to get and how much haruan to arrest him. Typically, bait fishing using live frogs, the most effective means to deceive haruan. "Haruan never see a frog, it will continue grabbed. This fish is more ferocious, if it is with small children.

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This time, it is very aggressive and will attack any creature who tries to interfere with his son. "To fish haruan need to know the method, the first angler must know where he is hiding. If the long abandoned and many bushes around the edges, there certainly nesting place. "Thus, the hook should be thrown on the edge of the bush. This is because the habit haruan not like live in the middle of a pond or river that have current, "he said. Commenting on the cooking method haruan Ismail said, the fish was more significant benefits when done cooking soup or steamed with ginger. He said that ordinarily, after inhaling a bowl of soup haruan, a person will feel hot and start sweating. From a study by medical experts, the content supply source haruan much protein, which is about 60 to 70 percent while 20 percent fat. It is understood, the content also contains vitamin A which functions improve memory and vision, while mucus contains linoleic acid and unsaturated olenik other kalogen materials that could beautify the skin, thus delaying the aging process. However, Ismail haruan recommend eating only wild life in the natural environment and not haruan cultured in cement ponds for livestock haruan has no real natural mucus contribute to medical benefits.